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However; there is an "I" in Individual and their unique needs! No two clients are identical. No two companies are the same. Although there are similar products and concepts, every strategy Dave develops is unique.

When a "team" is required for a plan, Dave Dayler assumes the role of "Quarterback". He designs the "play" and then works with the professionals the client already trusts to execute the plan. Over the years, having worked with many industry professionals, Dave has assembled a great team of referral sources.

If a plan requires the help of additional experts Dave can introduce one, or assemble an entire team. Dave Dayler works hand in hand with experts in tax planning, estate planning, mortgages, auto or home insurance, long term care insurance, disability or health insurance, life insurance, business planning, and wealth preservation planning.


The blueprint for obtaining your financial objectives begins when you define a clear vision of your goals. Although changes are imminent along the way, the strategy you develop today will be the cornerstone for the security and prosperity you can enjoy in the future.

After years of experience in the industry, Dave found most financial firms didn’t support the unique needs of investors. He found that many people were in unsuitable, generalized programs where the interests of corporations and planners often outweighed the needs of individual investors.

Objective, independent advice and service - a tailored approach - could better serve investors. Dave created Dayler Financial to reflect his vision of a local firm that would educate investors, develop customized strategies, and establish lasting relationships.

By aligning your financial dream team, Dave Dayler works to help ensure all your financial needs are met.